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About Decaid

Decaid Consulting specialises in helping charities raise money from individual giving.

We know how difficult it can be recruiting donors to your cause. So it is our absolute focus on not only providing you with evidence for just how much more money can be raised by focussing on looking after your donors better, but also providing you with a ready-made toolkit to raise more money from your donors straight away.

Between the team, we have experience of working with over 100 charities, and have analysed data from 1,000’s of acquisition campaigns – from across every channel of donor acquisition. We have developed our own bespoke software to analyse your charity’s data and deliver in-depth insight into how to improve your income from individuals, in particular regular givers. We work with you across all departments of your charity to identify and rectify gaps in back-end processes and procedures that are impacting on donor income.

We can then apply the insight we’ve learnt from our analysis of your data to help you develop a customised donor journey, which can either be managed by you or outsourced to us. From this we build the evidence you need to demonstrate that for every £1 invested in a good donor development programme, it can help your charity potentially deliver an extra £10 in income.


Please get in touch for a no-cost, no-obligation demonstration of how we can help you deliver up to a 10:1 return on investing in donor retention & development.

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