We are specialists in Individual Giving and can help you to develop any part of your offering to donors.

Whether you are a small charity new to asking for donations or have a well-run department we can work with you to ensure that your campaigns go to the right people with the most appropriate message to achieve the results you need for your cause.

  1. Campaign planning!
    We can work with your team to cleanse and profile your date, ensure that you are targeting the correct audience, develop your segmentation plans and ensure that the donors recruited onto your campaign have a donor journey planned for them.

We can also help you to develop the stories that you need to tell donors to inspire them to support your cause.

  • Focus Groups
    Do you ever wonder what your donors think of your communications? Or whether the campaign you are planning has the right material attached to it? Or if there is an new product you could sell if you just knew what people thought about it?

Focus groups are a great way of finding out what people think about you and getting feedback from actual donors can really help to develop your messaging or even just reassure you that you are doing the correct thing.

We can work with you to devise a series of questions that you want answers to, develop a list of potential supporters to invite and feedback the results to help you to plan your future donor communications.

  • Ongoing Stewardship
    Once the initial donor journey has been planned and implemented, we can work with you to monitor performance, and propose split-test scenarios to explore what works best for your donors – as evidenced by their ongoing payments to you. Once each test has been agreed with you, we can implement and analyse the results, showing to what extent the test has enhanced your regular giving income.

The donor journey then becomes dynamic, and can be shaped and adjusted by us on a continual self-improving development model. This ensures your donors have the best experience possible, increasing their loyalty to your cause and delivering enhanced lifetime value.

Database Support
We can help you to review your database and advise on any changes to help you to better manage your donors. We have experience of different databases and can work with you to make sure that you are maximising your administration, payment processing and reporting functions.


Please get in touch for a no-cost, no-obligation demonstration of how we can help you deliver up to a 10:1 return on investing in donor retention & development.