Decaid’s Donor Analysis services provide you with deeper insight into your data allowing you to make decisions on your future campaigns with confidence.

We have worked with large and small charities, with fundraising, data and finance teams and we can help you to work better together and increase your income by managing your data more effectively.

  1. Regular Giving Audit
    There is no point in paying money to recruit donors and sending fantastic communications to them if their donations are not being processed accurately.We know how difficult it can be to manage the BACS process to record direct debit donations whether it is done in house or through a bureau. We also understand the difficulties of dealing with standing orders where you have no control over the process.We can help your fundraising, finance and data teams to work together to increase income at a minimal cost. We track the payment history of all your regular giving donors and report back to you donors that have a problem. We provide you with a simple workbook that helps you to find and correct the problems and a pie chart that shows the health of your campaigns.We leave you having put in procedures to help you manage data more effectively and maximise you income and donor satisfaction.
  2. RGSMS audit
    Regular giving by text is relatively new and some charities have found can be difficult to monitor and manage.We can analyse your data for you and develop a report that measures your donors cancelled within 48 hours, looks at your stop and skip rates, and projects the results of your campaign moving forward.We can then  work with you on managing your monthly communications to your RG PSMS donors to ensure they are continually re-inspired and motivated to continue with their monthly gift.
  3. Campaign reporting
    Our analysis also allows us to report on the dynamics of your campaign and analyse the key performance indicators of gift aid, donor age, donor background and average gift. We can tell you the attrition levels of your campaign based on these dynamics and help you to plan for future campaigns better by knowing who your best donors are.


Please get in touch for a no-cost, no-obligation demonstration of how we can help you deliver up to a 10:1 return on investing in donor retention & development.