Privacy & Cookies Policy

A cookie? What’s that then?

Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the terrible puns. Just think of the internet variety of cookie as bite sized chunks of information.

As you move through our website, you leave a trail of information crumbs – known as cookies. This trail allows us to recognise you – to understand your preferences and habits. Much like the waiter who remembers your name and knows just how you like your eggs done, this information means we can give you the best service possible – from location based energy deals, to remembering your log-in details, to improving your experience on the Switcheroo website.

Your information is safe with us

We don’t store any information which could identify you personally. Cookies don’t allow us to contact you by phone, email or in any other way. We also don’t share any of your information without your consent.

How to look after your cookies

The ICO – the Information Commissioner’s Office – has recently made changes to the law, which mean that you now need to manually opt out of cookies. It’s easy to do, but will depend on the type of web browser you are using. You can find a great guide to how to turn off cookies in your browser at

Once you’ve blocked cookies, we will not be able to learn anything about you, which may lead to a slightly limited experience on Energy Switcheroo. But don’t worry, if you change your mind, unblocking cookies is just as easy.